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Register for Supplychain365

Getting started with Supplychain365 is easy and can be done for free for a 10-day trial period for companies with a valid EU VAT number, a valid Microsoft Tenant account ( and a valid payment method. Go to our registration page and fill in the details. You will receive an email with instructions for Supplychain365 . If you already have Microsoft Dynamics365 Business Central then you can easily connect your environment to Supplychain365. If you do not yet have Business Central you can purchase a trial period of Business Central .

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getting started in 3 steps

Don’t have a Business Central yet? click here!

No Business Central, no problem. Microsoft Dynamics365 Business Central is available to all customers with a Microsoft work or school account. Click the banner below to create a free account for Dynamics 365 Business Central with Microsoft. The application is then added to your existing Office365 applications by default.

Experience SupplyChain365

Experience SupplyChain365 for yourself.

Either remote via Teams or ‘live’ in our showroom in Nijmegen, The Netherlands we will cover the following topics:

  • Short explanation about Supplychian365;
  • Explanation of the individual modules;
  • Get started with the system yourself;
  • We cover a number of logistics scenarios such as: inbound, storage and outbound goods;
  • Work as a warehouse employee and pick orders;
  • Make pick-up and delivery orders and plan transport trips;
  • Process orders with EDI messages, scan barcodes, print labels and much more;
  • Experience the power and simplicity of the system.

The session lasts about 2 to 3 hours. You will work with a “live” production system in our demo company SkyNet. In addition to a very nice afternoon, we provide coffee, tea and a sandwich for lunch.