What is SupplyChain365?

SupplyChain365 is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) supply chain execution software for medium-sized organizations that can be started immediately. Available directly from the Microsoft Azure cloud and 100% integrated with Microsoft Dynamics365 Business Central. Start quickly and easily with WMS and/or TMS functions and use the advantages of this modern platform in a short time. The system is easy to use but offers sufficient options for supporting more complex processes for both WMS and TMS in combination with the powerplatform and a modern Microsoft365 workspace. SupplyChain365 consists of 4 modules and a number of components: the Business Central Extension, a portal for management, an App that can be downloaded from the Playstore and the SupplyChain365 API so the system can digitally collaborate with supply chain partners and other systems.

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Advantages of SupplyChain365

SupplyChain365 is available in the Microsoft Appsource and can easily be added to Microsoft Dynamics365 Business Central in the cloud with a single mouseclick. The SupplyChain365 Extension is 100% integrated with excisting or new installations of Business Central. Please Register before using the extension.

Full integration

WMS, TMS functionalities integrated in Business Central.

WMS, TMS and ERP into one integrated solution where data is stored once in an unambiguous way. This prevents errors and improves productivity. Expensive integrations and interfaces between applications are eliminated, which can result in huge cost savings and better uptime of all systems.

No upfront investment

SaaS: Software as a Service is the modern software delivery model.

This is called pay-as-you-go. As a result, SupplyChain365 is immediately available, no expensive licenses need to be purchased and all calculations are performed on the modern infrastructure of Microsoft Azure. A PC, tablet and Android handheld device is all you need to get started.

Modern and scalable

Runs in Microsoft Azure and uses Cloud technology.

The system can be deployed globally and multilingually without investing in hardware or infrastructure. Only pay for what you use. Whether you have 3, 30 or 300 logistics employees or drivers? The platform adapts and is scalable, extensible and future-proof.

Safe and reliable

Modern business software that works on any device and is available anytime, anywhere.

The system uses modern Microsoft cloud technology and operates securely on Microsoft Azure. Just like your current Office365 system. In addition, Microsoft is the world market leader in cloud business software. No other company in the world invests more in delivering, securing and optimizing cloud services.

Start a trail period

Would you like to experience the advantages of SupplyChain365? Please Registrer for a free trail period.

Experience SupplyChain365

Experience SupplyChain365 for yourself.

Either remote via Teams or ‘live’ in our showroom in Nijmegen, The Netherlands we will cover the following topics:

  • Short explanation about Supplychian365;
  • Explanation of the individual modules;
  • Get started with the system yourself;
  • We cover a number of logistics scenarios such as: inbound, storage and outbound goods;
  • Work as a warehouse employee and pick orders;
  • Make pick-up and delivery orders and plan transport trips;
  • Process orders with EDI messages, scan barcodes, print labels and much more;
  • Experience the power and simplicity of the system.

The session lasts about 2 to 3 hours. You will work with a “live” production system in our demo company SkyNet. In addition to a very nice afternoon, we provide coffee, tea and a sandwich for lunch.